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Use License:

Download Instagram Stories from our website not means it is now your material. You can use these materials for non-commercial or personal use. We only allow users to download Instagram Stories to watch these any time without wifi and any app.

  • You can’t use these materials for commercial use.
  • You can’t remove the copyright of that material.
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Our website works on these principles; we do not allow users to change the copyright of those materials they download from our website.


Our website provides content “as is” that users want, so we are not taking responsibility for such content. We also do not offer any type of warranty for those content because that content does not belong to us.

External Links

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Limitation on Our Tools:

We do not apply any type of limitation or restriction to use our tools like Instagram Story Download and Instagram Story Viewer. You can use our tool easily and for free. Also, we do not provide any pro version, so you do not require any money.

Age Limit:

We do not apply any age limit to use our website or our tools. Even a kid can use our website, but they need his guardian's permission.

Changes in Our Terms of Service:

We may change some Terms of Service when they need to change. We change Terms of Service to improve user experience. You can check our Terms of Service daily to see changes. Using our StorySaver means you accept our terms of service